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The power of Indices linked to media platforms, for creating visibility and access into financial markets is well known and can be been seen with the Dow, WSJ and the FT. As this  model  had not been successfully  established  in China, Capital Link, working with Swiss index creator, ALLINDEX, created the AF China Bond Index family that represents an investable cross section of the Chinese onshore market.  

The AF China Bond 50 Index is the first ever investable measure to comprehensively benchmark fixed income tracking products for the Chinese fixed income markets, with methodically screened constituents that are further overseen and approved by the AF China Bond 50 Index Advisory Board.


This capability has been further enhanced with the creation of Asia Financial Index Group (AFIG). There are no other index groups and media branded operations, locally or regionally across Asia, with a suitable transparent, trackable, liquid index product to benchmark Northbound mainland bond investments. This is why no associated institutional products or index derivatives exist. AFIG, with its data and analytics groups, will rapidly fill the institutional fixed income product void.

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